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2015 Boys and Girls Instructional League Rules

4-5 Year Old Division

Players will face a soft toss machine for three strikes. If they are unable to hit the ball, they will be allowed to use a tee to hit the ball. This will introduce the concept of hitting a moving ball, while reinforcing the fundamentals of a proper swing.

  1. Game periods will be 60 minutes. The game period will be split between instruction and a few innings of game play.
  2. All games will start on time regardless of number of players present.
  3. No score will be kept.
  4. All players will be included in a continuous batting-order.
  5. If a play results in an out, the runner will return to the dugout.
  6. Players will face a soft toss machine for three strikes. If they are unable to hit the ball, they will be allowed to use a tee to hit the ball. . Teams will bat through their entire batting-order once regardless of the number of outs made in the field. If a player does not feel comfortable using the soft toss machine, a player can default straight to using the tee.
  7. All team members shall play in the field on defense. Players should cover appropriate infield positions (you do not need a catcher) and the balance shall play outfield positions.
  8. The Visiting team will take first base dugout and the Home team will take third base dugout. The second team listed on the schedule will be the Home team.
  9. Defensive coaches may stand on the infield behind the infielders. Please provide at least 3 defensive coaches on the field. GET PARENTS INVOLED
  10. Offensive coaches may stand behind the batter, at first base, and at third base. (The coach with the greatest organizational skills should remain in the dugout when their team is batting!) GET PARENTS INVOLED
  11. No stealing or leading off. Base runners may leave the base upon the batter's contact with the ball.
  12. Runners may advance one base at a time. If the batted ball reaches the outfield, coaches can instruct runners to take an additional base.
  13. Defensive players stay on the field until the last batter has touched home plate.
  14. Base path distance is 45 feet.
  15. The Instructional league will use regulation t-ball baseballs.
  16. No forfeits. Play with as many players as you have.
  17. If a player arrives late just add them into the lineup and keep playing.
  18. Throwing the bat: The manager should remind every player about setting the bat down after hitting. There is no penalty in Instructional that can be assessed for throwing the bat. Use each incident as a teaching opportunity for that player and the rest of the team.
  19. Helmets must be worn by all batters, base runners, and on deck batters. Helmets must be worn until the player enters the dugout. Player in the pitching position should also where a helmet with a face mask.
  20. Helmets with face masks will be offered and recommended for players hitting off the soft toss machine.
  21. On deck batters must remain inside dugout area.
  22. Players must stay inside the dugout when not out on the field.
  23. Only players and parent / coaches are allowed in dugout areas.
  24. Any display of temper or inappropriate conduct by players or coaches will not be tolerated. Any swearing or other misconduct will be cause for immediate ejection from the game. Players from one team will not be allowed to harass members of the opposing team.
  25. Uniforms: North Lincoln provided uniforms must be worn. Shoes must not have metal cleats. No loose fitting shoes, sandals, or loafers. Shirts must be tucked in.
  26. NO SMOKING in the dugout or on the playing field.


Revision date: March 10, 2015