NLBSA. North Lincoln Baseball Softball Organization located in St. Joseph Michigan provides youth Baseball, Softball and Football leagues at beautiful Eaton Park in St. Joseph Charter Township

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Any questions on rules? Call:

Jon Rodriguez (Berrien) 269-208-6149 Bob Morris (Lakeshore) 269-757-4933

Greg Parrett (North Lincoln) 269-208-8591


  1. MHSAA rules apply unless specified below.

  2. Pitching rules. Each pitcher is permitted 12 outs per game. Coaches are encouraged to use pitch count standards to help alleviate arm fatigue and promote recovery. See Pitch Smart USA baseball document attached. A pitcher who leaves the mound may return once as a pitcher.

  3. Mercy rule. 10-run rule after 4 ½ innings. The home team gets its at bats if the margin is reached in the top half of the inning.

  4. Called games. (Rain, darkness, light failure, acts of God, etc.) A game is considered complete if it reaches the 5 inning minimum. Games suspended before the 5 inning minimum is reached will be completed from the point of suspension. Line-ups, pitchers and players must be the same when the game is continued.

  5. Every player must play 3 innings in the field. Managers are to report opposing managers who violate this rule. If a team has more than 15 players in their line-up then the in-field minimum is only 2.

  6. Each player is advised to wear a cup.

  7. Any player removed from the game may reenter at any time in his original spot in the order. Rule 5 must not be circumvented by the use of this rule.

  8. Trips to the mound. Manager/Coaches are allowed one trip to the mound per pitcher. On the second trip for the same pitcher, the pitcher must be removed.

  9. E.H. (Extra Hitter) You may use an EH. You must list the EH in the batting order and specify EH. The EH does not fulfill the 3 inning play rule. If you do not start with an EH, you may not add one later. If you start with an EH, you must finish with and EH. You may also choose to have an open line-up.

  10. Steel spikes are allowed but if a player sliding with cleats up is automatically ejected from the game.

                NOTE: Steel spikes are not allowed on  portable mounds.

  11. The maximum size for a bat is 2 5/8 barrel. Drop (difference between weight and length) to be determined by players height and weight utilizing the bat coach formula on website.

  12. The home team is to line the field, provide game balls and provide pay and schedule experienced umpires.

  13. Fourteen year olds may play any position.

  14. If there is a shortage of players, you may bring up a little league player to play. Players brought up may not pitch. Pony players on roster must play first. Any non-roster player cannot pitch.

  15. Balk Rule. For the first 2 weeks, pitchers will only get 2 warnings. After two weeks, there are no warnings.

  16. Courtesy runner. For pitcher/catcher ay time. Must be non-playing player.

  17. Starting number of players. Team must have 8 players to start and finish a game. The open spot in the line-up will be the ninth spot and an out will be recorded every time spot is due up. When a ninth player arrives he will bat in the ninth spot.

  18. No protests are allowed.

  19. Age. Players must be 11 years old and no older than 14 years old on April 30, 2018.